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Crochet Beret


100% Handmade

Crochet can’t be made by machine. Seriously…Google it. Each product is lovingly handmade in Arizona by me, Tori.

Support Small Business

Big box store crochet is made using questionable practices with underpaid labor. Support small & support quality crochet.

High Quality Materials

Using only 100% cotton yarn. Handwash and air dry to prevent shrinking and discoloration.

Crochet Beret!

Our handmade crochet beret is the perfect accessory for any cat or dog. They pair perfectly with out vintage granny jackets, to give you pet a complete vintage look. There are ties that go around your pets chin to make sure the hat stays put! This accessory is the perfect addition to your pets wardrobe, and we think that you’ll agree! Our hat comes in two sizes; small and large. The small is perfect for toy breeds and cats (it includes holes for the ears to fit through), and the large is perfect for bigger dogs (there aren’t ear holes it drapes over the dogs ear). Both come with a chin strap for stability!

Kaiba (our model) is a 7lb chihuahua for size reference!

**this is not my original pattern – It has been referenced from a pattern found on Etsy by user Akholga**


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