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Granny Square Bandana


100% Handmade

Crochet can’t be made by machine. Seriously…Google it. Each product is lovingly handmade in Arizona by me, Tori.

Support Small Business

Big box store crochet is made using questionable practices with underpaid labor. Support small & support quality crochet.

High Quality Materials

Using only 100% cotton yarn. Handwash and air dry to prevent shrinking and discoloration.

Stylish Granny Square Bandana

This isn’t your Granny’s bandana! Our retro Granny square inspired bananas are perfect for you “old soul”s ! The bananas bring all of the nostalgia and style of the 70’s right to your pets neck. If your pet enjoys howling along to Rolling Stones records, then this is the bandana for them. They are super easy to put on and also very durable, so that you know they will stay on all day!

1 review for Granny Square Bandana

  1. Krystal & Jeanie

    The cutest bandana ever! Very well made. You’re amazing at crochet!

    Image #1 from Krystal & Jeanie
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