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Custom Classic or Patchwork Jacket


Our retro dog jacket is the epitome of fashion-forward pet wear, blending timeless style with contemporary customization. Perfect for both indoor elegance and outdoor adventures, these jackets are now 100% customizable to match both your vision and your pet’s personality. Make your selection from an array of styles, colors, and edgings to create a signature look. Beyond just being a fashion statement, these jackets are crafted to provide warmth and comfort to your furry friend. With their eye-catching vibrant colors, your dog won’t just be warm but will also be the center of attention wherever they go. Let this jacket whisk you and your pet back to yesteryears, infusing every moment with fun, retro vibes.

Whats the difference between Classic and Patchwork? Well, the answer is simple! Our Classic jacket features all squares the same style throughout the jacket and a border that matches. Our Patchwork jacket features 3 or so colors that are rotated though the jacket. The more descriptive you are in the notes the easier I can make your dream jacket come to life. We can do holidays, themes, or just “vibes” so let me know what you’re thinking in the order notes.